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Rules are a key feature of herbstluftwm that allows you to control the arrival of new clients. A typical usage would be to “catch” the arrival of a new client and move it to a tag of choice.

Useful Rules

Following are rule sets and layouts for common guis that are not suited to a tiling window manager.

# ensure there is a gimp tag
hc add gimp
hc load gimp '
(split horizontal:0.850000:0
  (split horizontal:0.200000:1
    (clients vertical:0)
    (clients grid:0))
  (clients vertical:0))
'               # load predefined layout
# center all other gimp windows on gimp tag
hc rule class=Gimp tag=gimp index=01 pseudotile=on
hc rule class=Gimp windowrole~'gimp-(image-window|toolbox|dock)' \
hc rule class=Gimp windowrole=gimp-toolbox focus=off index=00
hc rule class=Gimp windowrole=gimp-dock focus=off index=1
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